Residence permit


Short stay (less than 90 days)

During the first 3 months of your stay inItaly, no particular requirements have to be fulfilled, apart from holding a passport or other identity documents valid for expatriation.

Long stay (more than 90 days)

Any EU/Non Foreigner citizen has the right to stay inItalymore than 90 days if

  1. s/he is an employee working in a position of subordination to and under the direction of another person (Article 2094 of the Civil Code), under a contract of employment; S/he is  a self–employee performing work activities under an independent contract, under which one party undertakes, for a fee, to perform a task or service without the ties of subordinate status and using predominantly his or her own labour;
  2. s/he is a student
  3. s/he is in possession both of sufficient income/means of support for the whole duration of the stay and of a valid health insurance policy covering all expenses in case of emergency treatment inItaly

After 90 days of uninterrupted stay in Italy, the applicant has to register at the Municipality of the city where s/he lives (Comune, Ufficio Anagrafe), by providing some proof of employment or financial resources, which can be in the form of bank statements, tax returns or a contract.



Short stay (less than 90 days)

Declaration of presence: Third countries citizens who enter Italylegally, including those who are not required to hold a visa must report their presence on Italian territory to the local Central Police Station (Questura) of the province where they live within 8 working days from the date of entry. It is no longer necessary for foreign nationals who are entitled to stay in Italy for a period not exceeding 3 months (for the shorter period established in the entry visa for visits, business, tourism and study) to apply for a stay permit.

Long stay (more than 90 days)

Extra EU citizens must apply for a permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno) within 8 working days from the date of entrance to Italyor to a Schengen state. The Permit to stay must be addressed to the local Central Police Station (Questura) of the province in which the applicant is living.
The  permit of stay authorises the extra EU to stay inItaly, according to the reason and for the period indicated on the visa. Applicants requesting the residence permit are subjected to be fingerprinted.

Integration Agreement

Since March 2012 the Italian Government has started the Integration Agreement . According to this program an Integration Agreement is stipulated between the government and the extra EU citizens staying in Italy at least one year. Under the Agreement the extra EU citizens must to collect 30 credits in 2 years since your arrival, by learning Italian language (mandatory, level A2), Italian civic life system. The authorities provide with language and civic education sessions. The extra Eu citizens has to

- attend the language and civic education sessions provided by the Italian authorities, within 3 months since the arrival inItaly. By attending this course the extra EU citizen obtains 16 points. If the extra Ue citizen does not attend the course, 15 points will be deducted.


- enrol and attend an Italian language and civic course at the education centre EDA. The enrolment fee is 25 Euros. The course duration is of 40 hours.

For more information please visit the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
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