Machine Learning for Biologists - summer school

Da Lunedì, 04 Settembre 2017 ore 09:00 a Sabato, 09 Settembre 2017 ore 18:00

 Campus Fondazione Edmund Mach, Palazzo della Ricerca e della Conoscenza, Via E. Mach 1, San Michele all’Adige (TN)

Course Description

The aim of the course is to provide a practical introduction to the analysis of “omics” data. Topics will range from data visualization/exploration to univariate/multivariate analysis and machine learning. Practical exemples and applications will be illustrated by using R and Python.

Course Milestones:

  • Data exploration and visualization
  • Univariate/Multivariate analysis
  • Introduction to machine learning: classifiers, performance measures, diagnostics
  • Machine learning tools for the analysis of Gene Expression data
  • The Data Analysis Plan (DAP) - intro to unbiased pipelines for (binary) classification
  • Performance measures and diagnostic plots - Accuracy, MCC, Stability: theory and graphics
  • Differential network analysis – co-expression networks, graph comparison, community detection: theory and examples in R/Python, visualization by the igraph library and use of the ReNette web interface
  • Basic application of ML to gene prediction 

Target audience

A maximum of 24 students will be accepted. Computational biologists, bioinformaticians, biological data analysts. 

More Details

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