Seminar Kevin Davies

Lunedì, 21 Agosto 2017 dalle ore 11:00 alle ore 12:00

Room 6302, PRC building

TITLE: Flavonoid and betalain plant pigments: Key metabolites underpinning horticultural traits that are also essential for abiotic stress tolerance. 

Kevin Davies

SPEAKER: Kevin Davies , Plant & Food Research, New Zealand

ABSTRACT: Plant & Food Research is New Zealand’s largest research institute, conducting wide ranging research across horticultural species. As well as conducting long-term strategic research it is well known for the breeding of new cultivars that have been commercialised worldwide, such as Sungold kiwifruit and Jazz apples. The seminar will give an overview of different genomics based projects identifying genes underlying key horticultural traits, then highlight two basic plant biology research projects from opposite ends of the land plant spectrum; In recent work we characterised the control of flavonoid production in a liverwort basal plant model species, and using CRISPR mutagenesis have shown that flavonoid pigments are essential across the plant kingdom for abiotic stress tolerance (such as UVB radiation). At the other extreme, we have discovered a novel role of betalain pigments in salinity tolerance in succulent angiosperm species.

HOST: Stefan Martens