Sensory and Instrumental Analysis seminar

Giovedì, 14 Dicembre 2017 dalle ore 14:00 alle ore 15:00

 Sala Conferenze 6302, Palazzo della Ricerca e della Conoscenza 

TITLE - Food Quality Assurance using Sensory and Instrumental Analysis: Case Studies in Research and Food Industry in Thailand

SPEAKER - Prodpran Thakeow (Division of Product Development Technology, Faculty of Agro-Industry, Chiang Mai University, Thailand) 

ABSTRACT - In modern society, food is not consumed only for nutrition, but also many factors play important role in the consumers’ choices toward food consumption. Food appearance is likely the first driving force; in addition, taste, aroma, flavour, and texture are key attributes to food preference. Nevertheless, food market trend shows that consumers concern more for health, authenticity and quality.

In Thailand, there are many traditional foods, offered in street markets as well as in international trading. Few examples are coconut-based curries, fermented sausages, ‘Kaeb Moo’ (pork scratching), rice-based snack, and rice noodles. Moreover, Thailand is also one of the countries where food innovation is a key priority for the industrial sector development. In recent years, many new products have been launched as germinated rice containing gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), fructooligosaccharides (FOS) from longan syrup, microwavableKaeb Moo, and healthy drinks.

At the Department of Product Development Technology, Chiang Mai University, we are addressing several new food products, for examples, longan syrup, concentrated strawberry beverage fortified with longan seed extract, banana powder instant drink, vacuum fried ‘Kaeb Moo’ (pork scratching), and insect products. To achieve the aims of these experiments, analyses of volatile compounds using gas chromatography, e.g GC-FID, GC-MS with solid phase microextraction (SPME), are combined with GC-O and sensory analysis. Consumer acceptance and purchasing decision are performed before launching the products in the market. Further information will discussed during the seminar.

HOST - Flavia Gasperi


Prodpran Thakeow, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Product Development Technology, Faculty of Agro-Industry, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. She teaches courses in food chemistry, food quality control, flavour for product development, and instrumental analysis. She has been involved in volatile compound characterization and product development in research and also with industrial section.

Dr.Thakeow earned her PhD from the University of Göttingen, Germany, master degree from the University of Chulalongkorn, Thailand, and bachelor degree from Chiang Mai University. Her PhD thesis titled was “Development of a Basic Biosensor System for Wood Degradation using Volatile Organic Compounds”.