prof. Crnojevic's seminar

Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018 dalle ore 14:00 alle ore 15:00

Room 6302 - PRC building

TITLE: Future of Agriculture 


SPEAKER: Prof. Vladimir Crnojević, Director, BioSense Institute , Serbia

ABSTRACT: World is facing enormous challenges today where one of the most important is food supply for the growing population. In the next two decades we will have to produce more food than the total that we produced in the history of mankind. We have exhausted almost all resources and IT is of the rare unexploited resources. IT is entering agri-food sector with staggering speed in various ways. From innovative sensors, via new communication systems, remote sensing, and all the way to big data solutions. BioSense Institute is trying to meet this challenges by developing innovative solution in all IT-AgriFood cross-cutting fields. From nano and microelectronics technology for the development of innovative sensors, through IoT to big data – Institute has produces some of the world class results, thus contributing to the Agriculture of the Future. Many of them were realized within 25 H2020 in which BioSense participates. Also, some solutions are developed in close cooperation with the industry which getting more and more involved in IT solutions for agriculture. This talk will give an overview of current activities and the vision for the Future of Agriculture.

Prof. Vladimir (Vlad) Crnojević is the director of BioSense Institute which has a special focus on R&D in IT for agriculture and food at various levels: from micro and nano-technology sensors, through Internet of Things, AgriRobotics and Remote Sensing, to Big Data. BioSense has recently ranked as No.1 European Center of Excellence within H2020 Teaming program and is also the winner of 2017 Syngenta crop data challenge with its algorithm for smart seed selection. Vlad is also a full professor in computer science at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. He studied Electrical Engineering and obtained his Ph.D. in image processing in 2004. He acted as a director of EE Department at the University of Novi Sad from 2012-2015, and in 2015 founded BioSense Institute - the regional leader in EU (FP7 and H2020) projects, including flagship projects like IoF2020 – Internet of Food and Farm. Also, BioSense has strong industrial cooperation and significant track record in innovation acceleration activities with more than 100 SMEs in AgTech funded through its programmes. Vlad’s current research interests include machine learning, image processing, remote sensing, big data and IoT with applications to agriculture and biosystems.

HOST: Annapaola Rizzoli

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