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Research activity

Her research activity focuses on the CO2 exchanges between vegetation and the atmosphere. In particular she has been working on the estimation of the carbon, water and energy balance of terrestrial ecosystems using aerodynamic techniques. She contributed to the EU projects Carbomont, CarboEuroFlux, CarboEurope-IP and is currently involved in GHG-Europe.

Research interests

Her research interests focus on the carbon cycle of terrestrial ecosystems and on its relation with global change. In this framework she is currently working on the interplay between climate and ecosystem responses, in order to investigate the presence of a feedback between variability of key meteorological drivers and ecosystem adaptation to climate.

Curriculum Vitae

Barbara graduated in Environmnet al Engineering with a master thesis on the bedforms of rivers with varying width and obtained a PhD in Hydrodynamics and Environmental Modelling in 2004 at the University of Padova, with a thesis on the turbulent exchanges at the vegetation-atmosphere interface. She started her research experience at the Center for Alpine Ecology in 1998 in a group working on CO2 fluxes. Since 2008 she has been working at the Fondazione Edmund Mach.