Heidi Hauffe
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Research interests

I trained in Evolutionary Biology and established a genetics laboratory at the Centro di Ecologia Alpina, Trento, Italy, in 1997. Now at the Fondazione Edmund Mach, my research interests range from the causes and effects of biodiversity loss (emerging pathogens) and gain (speciation), rodent-borne viruses (especially the Ljungan virus), and conservation genetics of alpine species. All my research is multi-disciplinary and I have strong collaborations across Europe and beyond. I am currently involved in three EU projects: EDENext EuroWestNile  and CONgress .

Curriculum Vitae

2009-pres Researcher (Level R2; permanent staff): Fondazione E. Mach;

1997-2009 Researcher (consultant): Fondazione E. Mach and/or Centro di Ecologia Alpina;

1997-2009 Post-doctoral Research Fellow: University of York, UK (NERC);

2005-2009 Senior Researcher: Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic;

2004-2005 INSEADonline: Managing People, Managing Yourself/Managing Others (ESF);

2006 Founded NGB Genetics srl , Spin-off of the University of Ferrara;

1994-1996 Post-doctoral Researcher: University of Pavia (EU FP3 HCM);

1989-1994 DPhil: Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK (Rhodes Trust);

1986-1989 BA (Oxon) in Zoology with Antropology: voto finale: classe I; New College and Dept of Zoology, Oxford, UK (Awards: Field Studies Prize; New College; Royal Geographical Society, New York Explorer’s Club, Canadian Women’s Club).