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Research activity

Since 2009, she started a post-doc at the department of Genomics and Biology of Fruit Crop (GBPF). One of the main goals of this research activity was the correlation between data obtained by next generation sequencing (Illumina, 454) and metabolomics. She is currently involved in genome wide methylation studies in fruit trees as grape (Vitis vinifera) and apple (Malus domestica).

Research interests

My primary research interests are towards the understanding of the role and the importance of epigenetics and post-transcriptional regulation mechanisms in plant development using molecular biology and biochemistry techniques including in vivoexperiments and bioinformatics support.

Curriculum Vitae

Elisa studied biology and obtained her master degree in 2001 at the University of Trieste, Italy. She received her PhD in Genetic on April 2006 working on the use of molecular markers for evaluating the genetic diversity of Coffea arabica” in the group of Dr. Alberto Pallavicini and Prof Giorgio Graziosi  in collaboration with Dr. Paolo Donini, at National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB  Cambridge, UK). She was involved in the understanding and the identification of the genes involved in self-sterility in Coffea.