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Research activity

My research activity at FEM is focused on the study of the regulation of grape berry ripening, in particular hormonal control and chloroplast-nucleus signaling via accumulation of reactive oxygen species. Recently, my fields of interest have also included the study of grapevine adaptation mechanisms to abiotic stresses, in particular to water deprivation, due to changes in climate and environment.
My educational background in cell molecular biology and biochemistry together with the expertise in transcriptomics, bioinformatics and grapevine physiology acquired at FEM allow me to design and perform functional studies to describe the role played by transcription factors and/or enzymes of interest in plant physiological processes.

Research interests

My research interests are as wide as my curiosity towards understanding how cells and plants works! I am particularly interested in gene regulatory networks based on the integration of the information produced by omics techniques, nonetheless I like to go deep to the gene level, where one always finds both some sort of confirmation of the initial hypothesis and some unexpected outcome, which often turns to be the most innovative result!
My secondary interest is in Inquiry-based Science Education, which I’ve been practicing with students and educators of all ages, from primary school pupils to high school teachers. I am fascinated by learning mechanisms and effective communication in all fields. I participate to the EU project “Global Schools” ( ), an initiative focused on global citizenship education.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 02/2011: permanent position as technologist at FEM.
  • 02/2008 – 01/2011: fixed-term position as researcher at FEM.
  • 04/2004 - 01/2008: post-doc fellowship at FEM on the project “Profiles: PRocess OF ripening: hIghLights on gene Expression profiles”. Supervisors: Dr. R. Velasco and Dr. C. Moser.
  • 01/2001-12/2003: PhD in Agro-industrial Biotechnology from University of Verona (Italy). Thesis: “Arabidopsis glutamic acid decarboxylase: kinetics, mechanism and structural basis for calmodulin regulation”. Supervisor: Prof. P. Dominici.
  • 03/2000-12/2000: short term fellowship in Prof. Sitia’s lab at DiBit-San Raffaele, Milan (Italy).
  • 10/1994 - 03/2000: Master degree in Agro-industrial Biotechnology from University of Verona (Italy). Thesis: “Characterization of two human genes involved in the Endoplasmic Reticulum redox homeostasis”. Supervisors: Prof. R. Sitia and Dr. M. Pagani, DiBit-San Raffeale, Milan (Italy).