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Research activity

During her first experience at Centro Ecologia Alpina she performed different technical support activities from the sampling in the woods to the analysis in the laboratory.

During her period at FEM-IASMA she experienced various microbiology techniques, ranging from the collection of micro-organisms on plant material to the test of different methods for micro-organisms maintenance.

Research interests

Currently she is involved in the support of base activities both in the molecular biology laboratory and in the greenhouse. In particular, her tasks are related to the assistance for the structural genomics group and to the screening of pathogens for the grapevine breeding platform.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2004: Technician at FEM-IASMA.

2002-2004: Collaborator at “Centro di Ecologia Alpina”, Viote del monte Bondone - Trento.

1995-2000: High School Diploma at “Istituto Agrario S. Michele all’Adige” - Trento.