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Research activity

During her master Science thesis, she studied Analogues of Resistance Genes in Apple. She has dealt with genetic characterization of different plant species (apple, grapes, strawberry, raspberry, currant ) and yeasts through the use of molecular markers (SSCP, CAPS, SSR, SNP, SnaPshot, RFLP, SCAR, RAPD, HRM). She also performed analysis of gene expression in plant species and quantifications with the aid of Real -Time techniques in plant substrates, environmental and animal samples.
She recently worked on clinical studies on intestinal microbiota connected to diet and autoimmune diseases, using Real Time techniques and Next Generation Sequencing.
She does internal management to the laboratory of issues related to security- disposal waste management, purchase orders, training of trainees/ undergraduates.

Research interests

  • Molecular Biology
  • Development of protocols for extraction of nucleic acids
  • Metagenomic studies
  • Gut-brain axis

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since Feb 2008: Technologist at FEM, Molecular Biology on vegetal species, yeast isolation e characterization from environmental and clinical samples, metagenomics
  • Marc 2007 – Jan 2008: Scholarship at Istituto Agrario S.Michele all’Adige. Molecular characterization of softberry
  • Sept 2006 - Feb 2007: at Istituto Agrario S.Michele all’Adige, molecular characterization of ancient aple varieties
  • Apr 2005- Jul 2006: Training at Istituto Agrario S.Michele all’Adige, Molecular Biology
  • Sept 2000 - Jul 2006: Degree in Agro-Industrial Biotechnology at University of Study of Verona