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Research activity

His current main activity is the characterization of food product properties and the relationship with human sensory perception of food.
He also works on the profiling of volatile compounds in food products related to origin and processes.

Research interests

  • Effect of food on sensory perception and health implications
  • Analysis of volatile organic compounds
  • Nose-space analysis
  • Breath analysis
  • Gas Chromatography and Mass spectrometry
  • Data analysis and chemometrics

Curriculum Vitae

  • Jan 2008 – until now: Researcher at FEM
  • Jan 2006 – Dec 2007: Post-doctoral Fellow at Istituto Agrario di S. Michele all’Adige
  • Nov 2005: PhD in Natural Science at the University of Innsbruck (Austria)
  • Sep 2004 – Dec 2005: Research assistant at the University of Innsbruck
  • May 2004 – Jun 2004: Visiting Researcher (Marie Curie) at the Nutrition and Food Biotechnology Centre at the University College of Cork (Ireland)
  • Sep 2001 – Aug 2004: Fellowship at the Istituto Agrario di S. Michele all’Adige
  • 2000: Degree in Food Science and Technology (University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy)