Dr. Simone Toller's Seminar

Martedì, 14 Febbraio 2023 dalle ore 11:00 alle ore 12:00

Room 6302 Palazzo della Ricerca e della Conoscenza

Dr. Simone Toller's Seminar

How geochemical processes in sediments affect the water quality of lakes and reservoirs: the case of Ridracoli

Simone Toller, PhD, Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali, Università di Bologna

Managing and preserving the quantity and quality of water resources has become an increasingly important issue in recent decades due to climate change and human activity. In order to better understand the geochemical processes that take place in lakes and reservoirs, in particular at the bottom, the chemical characterization of waters and sediments, the transport of sediments, their accumulation, as well as element interactions are investigated. The case study is the Ridracoli water reservoir in the Apennines, managed by Romagna Acque Società delle Fonti S.p.A. It is one of the most important national reservoirs that provides drinking water for about one million people in the Romagna region. The study of seasonal changes, of the composition of sediments and waters, and of the mobility of the elements help to assess the source and transport of potential pollutants and to describe the environmental processes, which are fundamental to understand for a better resource management and for optimising water treatment operations.

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