Nuove piattaforme Springer e Wiley

Attive le nuove piattaforme per le risorse elettroniche degli editori Springer e Wiley.

Martedì, 10 Agosto 2010

Key facts sulla nuova piattaforma SpringerLink:

  • Related documents for every article or eBook chapter
  • PDF Preview for eBook chapters
  • Enhanced browsing features
  • View abstracts without leaving search results
  • Improved search functionality – including searching by citation
  • Easy filters for Online First and Open Access articles

Key facts sulla nuova piattaforma WileyOnlineLibrary:

  • Access Icons indicate free, licensed and Online Open content
  • Enhanced journal home pages with news and other added value features
  • New subject pages combining all product types and news by subject
  • Improved full text HTML article display - pop up references, enlarge images, in-article navigation - plus easy access to article PDFs
  • Federated access/Shibboleth compliance for UK customers first - other regional federations to follow