Technology Transfer Centre

This is the division of the Foundation distributed most widely throughout the area, thanks to activities in the field of applied research and experimentation and extension services for the agricultural, forestry and environmental sectors. The key elements in the centre’s activities are anticipation of the needs of the area, understanding problems, studying solutions and disseminating knowledge in order to maintain high production quality while respecting the environment.

Our technologists and technicians develop and promote process and product innovation in the area, in order to produce sustainable food and agricultural products, reduce the use of chemical substances to a minimum and rationalise the use of environmental resources.

Applied research and experimentation activities involve studying advanced technical solutions for the environmental, social and economic sustainability of production and for the quality and healthiness of food and agricultural products. Specialist laboratories provide analytical services to businesses and public bodies in the fields of agricultural and oenological chemistry, microbiology and plant disease diagnosis.

More than 70 experts offer a daily service providing extension serivces to more than 8,000 farms in Trentino, supported by an agrometeorological network and a widespread information distribution system. 

30,000 samples analysed each year
800 technical notifications issued to farmers
600 customers for services