Training and Education Centre

In the course of its 140 year history, the centre has contributed towards disseminating the agricultural and wine-producing-oenological culture in Italy, training professionals also successful at international level. Today it is a multi-level institution unique in Italy, offering education, training and refresher courses in the agricultural, food-processing, environmental and forestry sectors.

The centre is characterised by strong links with the local area and with technical, operational and professional sectors, allowing it to have an overall vision of production, transformation and environmental sustainability. It also has an extensive network of national and international relations.

The training offered takes place at different levels, with school-level education and training, specialist post-diploma and university training and permanent refresher courses for farmers. More than 1,000 users/year make use of the courses provided. The centre develops courses linked to the demand for agricultural innovation, healthy products and safeguarding of the local area. It exploits the synergy and continuous interaction with the Foundation’s other centres, wine-cellar and farm. It has modern buildings and educational equipment and a welcoming boarding house.

More than 100 students obtain diplomas/qualifications/degrees each year.
Technical and language courses with more than 300 partner companies/bodies.
Around 150 employees, including 100 teachers.

Head of Training and Education Centre

Marco Dal Rì


  • Phone 0461615104
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