The institute has a total of 32 teaching classrooms, numerous special classrooms (mainly laboratories), a gymnasium, a lecture hall.


The Institute has 32 classrooms where normal teaching activities take place; each of them has, in addition to the normal equipment, special lockers with the presence of the dictionary of the Italian language, the overhead projector and three geographical maps.

There are also the following special classrooms:

  • three computer labs; 
  • three classrooms for the foreign language; 
  • a physics laboratory; 
  • two general chemistry laboratories; an oenological chemistry laboratory;
  • an agriculture laboratory; 
  • a tasting room;
  • a science, pathology and entomology laboratory; 
  • a drawing room; 
  • a classroom for animal husbandry lessons; 
  • two changing rooms for students.

As for sports, the Institute has a gym with normal fixed equipment, a weightlifting gym, changing rooms and showers. The Institute also has an Aula Magna with 174 seats (for meetings of the Teaching Staff, for student assemblies and for meetings, conferences, seminars of various kinds), a teachers' room, and a representative room. (Kessler room).