2014 FIRST Award Seminar

Friday 31 October 2014 dalle ore 9:00 am alle ore 1:00 pm

Room 6302 (Aula Magna) of the PRC building

2014 FIRST Award Seminar

To learn about  the achievements of the doctoral students who have just completed or are about to complete their work in FEM. The Seminar will take place on the 31st of October (9.00-13.00 am) in the room 6302 (Aula Magna) of the PRC. It will be an occasion for all to learn about the work of FIRS>T students, and to say good-bye to those you have worked with in the past years. The students who have already confirmed their presence and who will present their research are:

  • FEDERICO OSSI Ecological determinants of roe deer spatial behaviour under limiting conditions
  • SANTOSH REVADI* Intra- and inter-specific communication in Drosophila suzukii: from genome to behavior
  • MANUELA MILAN The combined effects of nutrients and climate on plankton dynamics in Lake Garda
  • PIETER WOLTERS* Molecular aspects of columnar growth in apple
  • LORENA LEONARDELLI Grapevine acidity: SVM tool development and NGS data analyses
  • JUSTIN LASHBROOKE* Coordination of Epidermal Cell Development and Cuticular Lipid Biosynthesis in Tomato
  • MATTIA GASPEROTTI Fruit Polyphenols and their Fate in the Mammalian System after Ingestion


Download the flyer:

Programme 2014Award Ceremony Application/pdf - (404.95 kB)

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