FIRS>T Research School

FIRS>T coordinates all training activities of the Research and Innovation Centre (CRI) of the Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM). Starting from the International PhD Initiative ‘Genomics and Molecular Physiology of Fruits’ (GMPF) launched in 2009 (focusing on genomics, genetics, metabolomics, and molecular physiology of fruit crops),FIRS>T has subsequently expanded its activities to all FEM research interests. Currently,FIRS>T also promotes training activities  on food and nutrition sciences, computational biology, environmental science, climatology, and veterinary medicine.

Each year, FIRS>T offers  PhD scholarships to outstanding international graduates to carry out research projects in its areas of interest, and to complete a PhD programme in academic and/or partner institutions.

FIRS>T guiding principles include applied research, an international working environment, last generation technologies. In addition, thanks to its rich network, FIRS>T supports the international mobility of its PhD students, who are encouraged to join the activities of prestigious international institutions. In this context, students develop their academic independence and autonomy, and are ready to enter the job market of scientific research. Towards this goal, FIRS>T benefits from CRI’s long experience in the promotion of research activities closely related to the interests of consumers and producers. 



PhD Office - on appointment
Fondazione Edmund Mach, Research and Innovation Centre
Via Mach 1 - 38010 San Michele all'Adige (TN), Italy
phone +39 0461 615559


List of open scholarship offers

FEM PhD community

Since its creation, Fondazione Edmund Mach has supported the flagship project aiming to create a community of PhD students in San Michele. In 2008 the Board of Directors has approved a document defining the guidelines for granting scholarships in order to obtain a Doctoral title. Later that year the first scholarships has been awarded and since 2010 has been created two major programmes (GMPF...

Guest PhD students

In addition to FEM PhD scholarship holders, FIRS>T hosts a number of PhD students supported by partner institutions and completing their research projects in CRI-FEM laboratories. In particular, FEM is the partner of the University of Udine in the joint accreditation of the


activities and events promoted by FIRS>T