2015 FIRS>T Award Ceremony

Friday 10 April 2015 ore 9:18 am

Room 6302, Palazzo della Ricerca e Conoscenza, at 9 a.m.

FIRST award ceremony

FIRS>T students who will present their work at FEM:

  • Claudia Guidi
  • Valentina Ting
  • Charles Nwafor
  • Maurizio Bagnara
  • Shiva Shams
  • Emanuela Kershbamer
  • Emma Gillingham
  • Sara Montanari

For those not in FEM, there will be the possibility to follow the event on streaming at the website: live.fmach.it  (starting from 9.00 am).

The detailed programme of the interventions in the flyer:

Award Ceremony Application/pdf - (1.96 MB)