Roberto Zorer
Research Gate profile

Research activity

From 1998 to 2003: researcher in ecophysiology, gas exchange measurements at Centro di Ecologia Alpina (CEA), Viote del Monte Bondone, Trento;
Since 2004: researcher in plant physiology, viticulture, GIS modelling at FEM.

Research interests

The main interest regards plant physiology and eco-physiology. Technical skills and competences include fluorescence, gas exchange, leaf optical properties, plant water status, and microclimate characterization. Laboratory activities regard the use of UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, VIS-NIR Spectrometer, NDVI-systems, SPAD meter, photography, and microscopy.
Basic GIS knowledge supports land suitability studies for viticulture.

Curriculum Vitae

1986–1991 University degree in  Biology at the Padua University on the biology, ecology, biomonitoring, symbiosis of lichens;
1993–1997 Ph.D. on Lichens, biology of the symbiosis, plant physiology at the Institute of Plant Physiology (Salisbury University, Austria).