Food quality and nutrition

Department (DQAN) - The activities in the field of research and innovation aimed at the qualitative, technological and nutritional enhancement of agri-food products are carried out by this Department, in order to improve the food quality and respond to the needs of the consumer.

The research activities are carried out using new study methods, based on advanced technological platforms and infrastructures (metabolomics, stable isotopes, sensory panels, innovation incubators), and by adopting an integrated approach of a multidisciplinary nature. Innovative technical platforms and a systematic approach make it possible to carry out studies of fundamental significance, generate new study methods and obtain improved knowledge of agri-food products. The Department aims to support product and processing innovation based on knowledge of the food and agriculture sector. It promotes the use of research in the fields of biological sciences, consumer science, metabolomics and traceability as tools for innovative production. Provides a human nutritional research nucleus for the emerging strategic area of nutrigenomics. It carries out research, both in the laboratory and at the pilot project and company levels, providing scientific support for the creation of products and processes with added value, based on knowledge, ideas and innovation.

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Research unit (ME) - new methods of study and knowledge about nutritionally and sensorially significant compounds.

sensory analysis laboratory

Sensory quality

Research unit (QS) - The unit combines skills and objectives of the Sensory Quality Group and of the Volatile Compound Facility.



Research unit (TR) - Stable Isotope and Traceability