The project "Vitis Rauscedo Scarl," allow to implement and then apply  of analytical methods to characterize the composition of the clonal selection grapes. Particular emphasis was given to the analysis of the various classes of phenolic and aroma compounds.

In 2010 he worked on the project "Tuscania Eno", which studied the effects of the oxygenation processes on the red wine composition and antioxidant activity. The specific objective of this research was to gain a deeper understanding of the role played by the wine composition in define its reactivity with oxygen.

Since working at FEM-IASMA followed some undergraduates students in developing new analytical methods  for the quantification and the isolation of various classes of compounds by chromatographic methods combined with innovative mass spectrometry.

He manages the organization, the harvest analysis and staff during the harvesting season.

Curriculum Vitae

Daniele gained his high school qualification in July 2007. He studied Chemistry at “Istituto Industriale Michelangelo Buonarroti”,Trento. He started to work at FEM-IASMA in September 2007 on the “Vitis Rauscedo” project.