Nicola Busatto

Nicola Busatto joined the “Genetics and fruit breeding” group within the “Genomics and Biology of Fruit Crop Department” under the supervision of Riccardo Velasco and Fabrizio Costa from the 1st of November 2016.

Curriculum Vitae

Nicola achieved his master degree in Molecular Biology, University of Padova, defending his thesis entitled “Molecular aspects involved during the ripening process of fleshy accessory fruits in Gymmonsperm”. He continued with a PhD at the University of Padua in Plant Biotechnology studying the molecular dynamics governing the ripening process in climacteric fruits (peach ad tomato) and investigating the role of hormone peptides in the regulation of such physiology by means of a functional genomic approach. He obtained his Phd in 2012 defending his dissertation entitled “Functional characterization of a ripening induced RGF-like peptide hormone in peach”.

In 2013 he joined the “Arboriculture Group and Tree Cultivation” group at the University of Bologna working on the characterization of the ripening pattern in apple and pear focusing his activities on the hormonal crosstalk establishing during the onset of climacteric ripening. During this period he collaborated with FEM within the Ager Project, working on the molecular basis of post-harvest physiopathies, with particular regards to superficial scald development in apple.