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My research is aimed to establish new clones and varieties of apple trees, especially of the alpine environment. The characters are examined and are related to fruit quality (taste aspect, shelf life) and agronico crop aspects. The genetic traits of hardiness and resistance to main diseases (powdery mildew, scab, fire blight, Erwinia scab) are of growing interest in the search for new acquisitions, because they related to issues of great social impact such as healthy fruit and environmental sustainability of cultivation.

Research interests

Our research aims to create new varieties that meet the current and new consumer demands. Moreover, these new varieties must have high levels of production, easily managed and genetically resistance to diseases most relevant and common in the culture of the apple.

Curriculum Vitae

After the Diploma in Agricultural achieved at Istituto Agrario di San Michele, I get the Degree in Agricultural Science at the  Padua University. My first job was at my father's small farm fruit. Then I worked for 5 years at the  Associazione Produttori Agricoli Sant’Orsola, dealing of materials management 's system, the classification of quality products and the development of an improvement program gene on strawberry. After this experience I started working at Istituto Agrario di San Michele, and for some years, I continued work on strawberry and simultaneously have been included in the study and evaluation of varietal apple. Since 1999 I follow the program of genetic improvement of apple.