Sustainable ecosystems & bioresources

Department (DASB) - Tomorrow’s world depends on today’s investments. With an ever-increasing human population and consumption of resources at record highs, the future for our fragile Earth depends on protection of the remaining natural environment and sustainable use of our bio-resources.

In order to design and develop systems, which can sustain human welfare and the preservation of natural capital for future generations, the knowledge of the complex relationships and interactions in the ecosystem and the interpretation of their reactions to disturbances are crucial.The objective of the Department is the promotion of a sustainable use of the natural and agricultural ecosystems to link the needs of modern society and the protection of the environment. Research focuses on innovative technologies based on low impact processes to answer to the standard of quality and production of the modern society. Thanks to the most innovative approaches in chemistry, physiology and molecular biology, a careful planning of resources use can be achieved and, in case of disequilibria in the ecosystems caused by anthropic activity counterbalancing actions can be put on place. The understanding of the mechanisms regulating the stability of ecosystems will help in their protection and in a sustainable development of agriculture.

Person in charge

Agricultural entomology

Research Unit (EA) - Understanding the biological mechanisms of perception and processing of the sensory stimuli involved in insect communication. The final purpose is to manipulate insect behaviour and develop innovative technologies for the agroecosystems and biodiversity protection.


Research Unit (IB) - Aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in relation to human impacts and climate change