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Research activity

The main aim of his research activity deals with the development of new strategies to make the crop production more sustainable. On this purpose, his research activity is focused on the characterization of new bacterial biocontrol strains (Bacillus, Lysobacter, Pseudomonas, etc). These strains are evaluated for the control of important plant pathogenic bacteria, fungi and oomycetes. Genome sequencing, molecular cloning and transcriptomic analysis are used to identify molecular mechanisms involved in the mode of action of these strains. Particular attention is given to the identification of novel secondary metabolites (cyclic lipopetides, cyclic lipodepsipeptides, polycyclic tetramate lactams, volatile organic compounds, etc.) through in silico and chemical analysis. Another part of his research activity deals with the formulation of biocontrol bacteria, the monitoring of their fate in the environment and their effect on the resident microflora.

Research interests

  • Microbial ecology
  • Molecular microbiology
  • Biological control of plant pathogenic microorganisms
  • Formulation of biocontrol microorganisms
  • Characterization of secondary metabolites produced by biocontrol bacteria
  • Interaction among microorganisms and environment
  • Quorum sensing in bacteria

Curriculum Vitae

  • He received his PhD in Plant Pathology at the University of Naples “Federico II”. 
  • He worked on the characterization of new factors that interact with quorum sensing in Pseudomonas aureofaciens strain 30-84 in collaboration with Prof. Leland S. Pierson III at the University of Arizona. 
  • After his PhD he worked as Post-doc at the Plant Pathology Division of University of Naples “Federico II”.
  • In April 2011, he joined Fondazione Edmund Mach.