Da Wednesday 23 October 2019 ore 9:00 am a Friday 25 October 2019 ore 6:00 pm

Piazza Dante, Trento


ClimRisk19 | Climate Risk: implications for ecosystem services and society, challenges, solutions” is the title of the SISC Seventh Annual Conference, taking place on October 23rd-25th, 2019 in Trento, Italy, at Autonomous Province of Trento premises. premises.

The Conference aims at connecting leading scientists, researchers, economists, practitioners, business leaders, and policy makers, whose activities are focused on different aspects of climate change, its impacts and related policies.

The Conference is an important interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of science and management of climate change.

FEM is co-organizer of the Conference. In particular, FEM researchers are involved in the following sessions:

Wednesday, October 23rd

11:30 ‐ 13:00–Room Belli S.02 ‐ Climate related impacts on natural and human systems - I Chair: E.ECCEL

G.GUZZETTA, P. Poletti, F. Trentini,G. Marini, M. Manica, A. Rizzoli, R. Rosa', S. Merler:

Mosquito‐borne infections in Europe: Assessment of public health risks via temperature‐driven mathematical models

G.MARINI, M.Manica, A.Rizzoli,R.Rosà:

Quantitative impacts of temperature on mosquito dynamics and their transmitted pathogens: A modelling approach

V. TAGLIAPIETRA, D. Arnoldi, M. Manica, R. Rosà, L. Delucchi, F. Rosso, N. Alfano, A. Rizzoli:

Zoonoses in a global changes context: the case of Tick‐ borne encephalitis (TBE) virus in the Autonomous Province of Trento

15:00 ‐ 17:10–Room Belli S.05 ‐ Climate related impacts on natural and human systems

F.CRISTOFOLINI, F.Zottele, J.Oteros, E.Gottardini:

Potentialities from airborne allergenic pollen phenology to track climate change effects

Thursday, October 24rd

Plenary Session 3 : keyonote lecture- h 11:40 – Room Depero

A. Rizzoli: Climate change and health: emerging zoonoses

Friday, October 25th

Evento speciale per le scuole (MUSE): Damiano Gianelle e collaboratori: Cyberforest, laboratorio per scuole medie di 1° e 2° grado.

To see the full scientific programme please look at the conference website .