Seminar Hanne Volpin

Wednesday 13 September 2017 dalle ore 11:00 am alle ore 12:00 pm

Room 6302 PRC Building

SPEAKER: Hanne Volpin, PhD -  Deputy CEO and Head of R&D at Danziger Innovations Ltd. , Israel

TITLE: Methods for in planta and (semi) high throughput genome editing.

ABSTRACT: At Danziger Innovations we develop and improve methods for getting the Genome Editing reagent into the plant cells. A severe bottleneck for making genome editing truly relevant to the breeding process is the fact that current methods are dependent on the ability to regenerate plants from tissue culture. This is not possible in many varieties of economically important crops and regeneration protocols do not even exist for all crops. An important example of a crop without a regeneration protocol is bell pepper. At Danziger innovations, we develop methods that circumvent the need for regeneration steps. We focus on in planta delivery systems that will effectively and efficiently work in as many crops and varieties as possible. For example, we are currently probably the only group in the world that can do genome editing in bell pepper since we have an efficient in planta delivery method. Likewise, one of the limitations for functional genomics is efficient candidate gene validation. However, validation methods based on plant regeneration can never become high throughput. The use of Genome Editing as a (semi) high throughput system for gene validation will be discussed. Genome Editing is a field that is moving very fast, and we are always happy to share our latest progress in delivery methods.

Hanne Volpin

BIOSKETCH: Hanne joined Danziger Innovations in May 2014. She has over 15 years of managerial and scientific experience in the field of Biotechnology.  She came to Danziger Innovations from Hazera Seeds, where she held the position as Breeding Director.  Prior to that, Hanne held leading positions with the Volcani Institute, Israel and Keygene ltd, the Netherlands. Hanne holds a PhD in Plant Pathology from the Hebrew University and has extended experience in discovering genes that govern traits of interest.

HOST: Mickael Malnoy