The Edmund Mach Foundation Farm usable agricultural surface area is equal to approximately 120 hectares, to which is added with 80 hectares of woods and unproductive plots. The soils are distributed on a dozen farm bodies localized in the most important agricultural areas of Trentino. It is divided into two units: Crops and Winery (to which is attached the Distillery). The Farm not only performs productive and transformation activities, but also exerts a supporting role for the experimental, educational and demonstrative activities carried out by the other centers of the Edmund Mach Foundation.


The farm operates on three levels:

  1. as economic activity with regard to the production of fruit, grapes, wines and spirits;
  2. as support for research and testing of the various operating units of the Experimental and Technical Assistance Center;
  3. as a service to the teaching and training activities of the School Center.

The Edmund Mach Foundation aims to achieve a model of sustainable agriculture, favoring the adoption of all those evolutionary principles that make productive activities less problematic from an agronomic point of view and less impact from the enviromental side.

More generally, the Farm wants to help mantaining high-level agricultural culture of Trentino, ranking active and proactive manner in the local agricoltural enviroment, respecting the criteria of quality, rationality and economy, and trying to balance innovation and tradition.


Farm Brochure


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Phone: +39 0461-615248
Center: General Management
Department/Center of Eccellence: Farm
Office/Business Unit: Crops
Manager: Paolo Poletti

Director: Sergio Moser

In the Farm it is possible to identify three productive departments, in complete synergy and perfect collaboration: