Fruit spirit

This distilled is made from a fermented mono-species fruit produced in the Autonomous Province of Trento. The fruit, washed and minced, is fermented in suitable temperature-controlled containers. Once fermentation is complete the "fermented puree" is distilled in a water bath with the classic method.

To get a good fruit spirit is essential that the raw material is healthy, aromatic and mature to the right point. The distillation is not particularly difficult, but it is delicate because you have to get from the fruit as much as possible in fragrance and flavour.

Fruit spirit

There is a parallel universe to the classical grappa, less known to many but not for its less importance.

These are the fruit distillates, produced since the most ancient times by farmers who live at the foot of the mountains. In Italy are very widespread, especially in Trentino - South Tyrol, where are obtained from the famous varieties of local apples and many other fruits: pears, cherries, plums, berries and apricots to name a few.

Their name means "water of life"; these elixirs are in fact born from the proverbial farmers' ability to better exploit the products of the land. In this way, the waste fruit, fell to the ground or overripened and / or ruined by adverse weather conditions, was fermented and then distilled to obtain homemade brandies, excellent as a digestive at the end of the meal or as a technique to warm up during the severe winter season.

In recent times, this type of product has proudly evolved from its origins to the product "poor" and has been enhanced in his character of aromatic and perfumed distillate, able to compete with the much more famous and refined grappas.

Apple Spirit BOTTLE

Apple Spirit

The apple is the most cultivated fruit in Trentino. We Select extremely fruity varieties at our inner plots of the Agrarian Institute. The apples are harvested at optimal ripeness stage are ground and then fermented; the process of maceration lasts for a few days. Follows the traditional distillation process conducted with the classic alembic at bain-marie.It is a brandy with a delicate scent,...

Quince Spirit BOTTLE

Quince Spirit

The quinces are collected well ripened, and after a short period of storage are milled, fermented with selected yeasts and subsequently macerated for some weeks. Particular attention is given to the distillation process.The scent of this brandy, is intense and characteristic. Pleasant flavor, sometimes slightly spicy, and with excellent persistence. Serve at a temperature of 15°C. Download...

Williams Pear Spirit BOTTLE

Williams Pear Spirit

The pears from Williams variety come from an orchard realized “ad-hoc” inside of the Edmund Mach Mach Farm. The fruit, collectied at an optimal stage of ripening, is rapidly worked and the puree so obtained is fermented at a controlled temperature.The distillation is carried out in a particular way to try to preserve at maximum the complexity of the primary aromas of Williams pears.It is a...

Cherry Spirit BOTTLE

Cherry Spirit

We select cherries directly from plants grown at the inside of the Foundation. The fruit, collected to an optimal stage of ripeness, is processed without seed and fermented with particular types of yeasts at a controlled temperature. The pulp is then allowed to macerate for a period of about one month.The distillation is carried put in a very fast way. Follows a period of ageing in small...

Apricot Spirit BOTTLE

Apricot Spirit

This liquor is made from the most aromatic varieties of apricot produced in the Edmund Mach Foundation collection. A painstaking selection of the most ripened and healthy fruit and a great attention during fermentation and distillation allow us to obtain this delicate brandy. The result is a fresh, fruity scent that explodes in its fruitness on the palate, where it transmits the feeling of...