"Istituto Agrario" grappa

Grappa in Trentino means an expression of the high quality and respect for tradition. The grappa produced at the Istituto Agrario offers to the taster all the complexity and aroma due not only to the cultivated varieties, but also to the masterly and respectful hand of the distiller master.

The various distillates are produced by the traditional "bain-marie" pot still (invented by Tullio Zadra), still considered the excellence method for the production of Trentino grappa.

"Istituto Agrario" grappa
grappa Castel San Michele BOTTLE

Castel San Michele Grappa

Grappa distilled from marc fermented Manzoni Bianco marcs. The fermentation must be carried out very carefully in order to preserve the best aromatic characteristics of the grape, extremely delicate.The scent s pleasant, complex with floral notes; the taste is delicate and persistent, with a decent variety of sensations. Serve fresh but not cold, at a temperature of 14°C. Download PDF

grappa Nosiola BOTTLE

Nosiola Grappa

Autochtonous Trentino grapevine little cultivated but capable of giving a white wine from the special and unique characteristics. Its marc well fermented are distilled after a short period of storage with bainmarie discontinous alembic still.The grappa has a delicate scent, with floral and slightly fruit tones. The taste is harmonic, pleasant and persistent. Serve chilled at a temperature of...

grappa Müller Thurgau BOTTLE

Müller Thurgau Grappa

The Müller Thurgau is a grapevine that adapts well to altitudes as high as those of Maso Togn; this allows to develop the optimal aromaticity of the grape. The careful fermentation and distillation allows us to preserve the varietal aromatic bouquet.Excellent Grappa, with a pleasantly floral, lightweight scent. The taste is also delicate, soft and with good persistence. Serve chilled at a...

grappa Traminer BOTTLE

Traminer Grappa

The marcs of Traminer grapes are among the most difficult to distil, while presenting a strong aromatic potential. The'main goal is to select and preserve the varietal heritage in function of the type of product to be obtained.The Grappa has an intense scent that often recalls the rose, coupled to the shank of geranium with agrumate nuances. The taste is particularly intriguing and has in its...

grappa Moscato BOTTLE

Moscato Grappa

The Moscato Giallo grapes come from the “Fontane Alte” vineyard, characterized by particular climatic conditions such as to enhance the varietal aromatic characteristics.The manual harvest allows you to confer in the winery undamaged grapes that are subjected to a soft pressing. The marcs obtained from soft pressing of the grapes are fermented with a lot of attention by controlling the...

grappa Rebo BOTTLE

Rebo Grappa

From genetic crossbreeding of Merlot with Teroldego operated in 1948 by the researcher Rebo Rigotti from the Istituto Agrario of San Michele, he obtains the Rebo, excellent red wine, which unites the kindness of perfumes typical of Teroldego, to the strength and supported body of Merlot.The marcs obtained, distilled with the discontinuous alembic in bain marie, allow us to obtain a distillate...

grappa Pinot Nero BOTTLE

Pinot Nero Grappa

Pinot Nero grapes, de-stemmed, are gently pressed and vinified in red. The marc obtained is slowly distilled in order to preserve the best varietal characteristics.The Pinot Nero grappa has a typical aroma, delicate and rich in nuances. The taste is characteristic, net, rather decided. Serve at a temperature of 17-18°C. Download PDF

grappa Moscato Rosa BOTTLE

Moscato Rosa Grappa

The Moscato Rosa variety, despite the exceptional wine to which it gives rise, is little cultivated because of its low and irregular productivity. In the vineyards of the Istituto Agrario it has cultivated since the end of the IXX century as evidenced by his presentation to the wine exhibition of Bolzano in 1886.From the vinification of pomace of this high quality grapes, produced in the sunny...

grappa Invecchiata Castel San Michele BOTTLE

Invecchiata Castel San Michele Grappa

Castel San Michele "Aged" born from selected pomace, distilled with discontinous alembic in bain-marie and aged for over 36 months in French oak barrels. The long period of wood aging allows to obtain an amber colored brandy with persuasive olfactory persistence.Complex aroma with a good combination between varietal aromas and the typical wood taste.Grappa that must be tasted in a...