General Services

General Services

The institutional purpose of the Library is to support the activities of scientific research and experimentation, education and training, technical assistance and consulting carried out by the Fondazione Edmund Mach. Therefore the task of the Library is to select, organize and supply the users access to traditional and online information in the most complete and effective way possible, in the disciplinary fields of the scientific-didactic structures of reference.
Particular attention is given to service quality, both in personal relations with the users in the home office and in providing digital library resources, in order to give immediate response to the information needs of the users and, at the same time, contribute to their training in the use of information tools.
Furthermore the Library promotes the circulation and value of the Foundation knowledge heritage in the national and international scientific community.
Through the library system of Trentino, the Library is a specialized bibliographical structure for the Community of the territory.
The Library of the Fondazione Edmund Mach is specialized in agriculture and food science, applied biology, forestry and environmental sciences.
Modern stock
The collection, on December 31 2010, consists of 33,700 volumes and 1,520 journal headings, 380 of which are in subscribing progress in printed version.

Historical Stock
Besides the current collection, the Library holds a Historical stock consisting of works and journals published in the XIX century, the result of an intense didactic and experimental activity and of the rich net of relations and international exchanges promoted by the first heads and teachers of the Agriculture School, founded in 1874. The Historical stock consists of two sections, the original Bibliographical Fund of the Institute (3569 monographs and 251 journals) and the Trentino Agriculture Provincial Council Fund (1310 monographs and 163 journals).

Digital Library
The library, through the Institute network, provides the institutional users with main bibliographical databases of international coverage and specialized in agriculture and food science and applied biology.
On December 31 2010, the electronic journal collections counts 12,700 titles, considering subscriptions and open access magazines.
The e-books collection, recently launched to explore this new online resource, consists of about 30 reference works (encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries).
All the accesses to the resources of the digital Library are indicated in the Resource section of the portal.

Other collections
Audiovisuals aids, internal use only.
Archives of Recordings of television programs and videos edited by ESAT, Board of agriculture development in Trentino, between 1985 and 2001.
Collection of Diploma Theses of the students of the High School Course in Viticulture and Enology, established at the Institute in cooperation with Fachhochschule di Wiesbdaden-Geisenheim and sustained by the Universities of Udine and Trento between the academic years 1998/1999 and 2003/2004.
Collection of Degree, Master and Doctorate Theses deposited by the students of the Interuniversity Consortium “University initiatives in the fields of agriculture and food, viticulture and related industrial activities” and by students belonging to other university institutions that attended the Institute to write their theses.
Diploma Theses of the students that finished their high school studies as wine technicians, land surveyors and industrial agriculture surveyors beginning from the school year 1979/80 and agriculture technician from 1997/98.

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