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For information on selections and other related initiatives please contact the Human resources development unit of the Organization and Human resources Division: email; phone +39 0461 615542; fax +39 0461 615329.

Contacts & Presentation

The Foundation consists of three centres and a farm:

  • Training and Education Centre, which offers a wide range of qualifications at all levels of study (occupational area for teachers, school technician and staff, University staff);
  • Technology Transfer Centre, which provides important support to agriculture and forestry in the province of Trento (occupational area for technologists and technicians);
  • Research and Innovation Centre, which supports studies and innovations in the fields of agriculture, nutrition, and environment (occupational area for researchers and PhD students).

The farm is involved in production and transformation processes but it also provides support for teaching and research activities. It consists of a wine cellar, a distillery and about 120 hectares of land cultivated with grapevines and apple trees.

Maybe you could not find the right opportunity at this moment, but you are interested in working at Fondazione Mach? You can send your spontaneous application with your cv mentioning your occupational area of interest at the following email contact: Please do not expect an immediate reply to your spontaneous application, if we find a suitable job for you, we will not hesitate to get in touch. You can also register to our Newsletter, so we can let you know when a vacancy comes up.

  • Information about the processing of personal data

According to Article 13 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR" or "Regulation"), and in general in accordance with the principle of transparency foreseen in the same Regulation, the information regarding the processing of personal data is available in the webpage "Information about the processing of personal data ". Please add the following phrase to your CV otherwise your unsolicited application or your application to any open position will not be considered: I have read and understood the information about the management of my personal data in accordance with the provisions of EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.


Living and working in another country is an exciting option for Europeans of all ages. Indeed, more and more people are recognising the benefits of gaining professional experience in another European country. Even so, still only 3 % of Europeans live and work in a different Member State than their country of origin. Yet by working abroad, even for short periods, you can greatly increase your skill levels and boost your chances of finding a better job in your own country.

Dreaming of a change? Of broadening your horizons and moving to another country? If you are an EU citizen wanting to embark on a new path by finding a job in another EU country that matches your skills, needs, and most of all, your professional and personal aspirations, here is some practical information and guidance.

If you have been hesitating or do not know where to start, the short guide "European Labour mobility steps – ways to explore new jobs opportunities in the European Union " trough personal stories will help you to understand what are your rights and what steps you should concretely follow.

Scuola: modalità di accesso per docenti

Scuola: modalità di accesso per docenti

Le classi di concorso per l'insegnamento presso il Centro Istruzione e Formazione sono attualmente le seguenti: A-12 “Discipline letterarie negli istituti di istruzione secondaria di II grado”; A-20 “Fisica”; A-24 “Lingue e culture straniere negli istituti di istruzione secondaria di II grado” / inglese; A-24 “Lingue e culture straniere negli istituti di istruzione secondaria di...