Regulations for the recruitment of human resources

The following Regulations for the recruitment of human resources at the Fondazione Edmund Mach , introduced with a resolution of the Board of Directors at the meeting of 18 November 2014, shall be applicable to recruitment procedures and methods of access to the Foundation for human resources, respecting the provisions of Provincial Law 14/2005 and subsequent amendments and the Provincial Law of 14 April 1997, no. 7, specifically Article  7, paragraph 4 bis, and the directives issued by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

These regulations shall be applicable to staff hired on a permanent and temporary basis, including staff in the agricultural sector, in relation to the provisions of Article 19. These regulations also apply to project workers.

This document has been translated into English for the convenience of international readers.
For any matter concerning its interpretation, execution and/or validity, the Italian document is the authoritative version.