Human Resources Strategy for Researchers incorporating the Charter & Code (HRS4R)

The Research and Innovation Centre (CRI) is joining the European commission initiative called "Human Resources Strategy for Researchers incorporating the Charter & Code ", which supports research institutions and funding organisations in the implementation of "The European Charter for Researchers and The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers " in their policies and practices.

Human Resources Strategy for Researchers incorporating the Charter & Code (HRS4R)

The "European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers" provides a means to achieving a transparent and open labour market for researchers.

The initiative "Human Resources Strategy for Researchers Incorporating the Charter & Code” is a support tool to provide recognition of the systematic uptake of the Charter and the Code and hence increase the transparency of employment conditions and the attractiveness of a research entity. The "Human Resources Strategy for Researchers" is articulated in five main steps:

  1. An internal analysis by the participating research institution or funding organisation, involving all key players, to compare policies and practices against the Charter & Code principles;
  2. On the basis of the results of this analysis, the participating institution or organisation develops its own HR strategy for researchers which should include a concrete action plan. This document is made public;
  3. The analysis and action plan are then reviewed and acknowledged by the European Commission. The acknowledgement implies the right to use the 'HR Excellence in Research' logo;
  4. Progress in the implementation of the strategy and action plan is subjected to a self-assessment after 2 years;
  5. An external evaluation is carried out at least every 4 years.

To join this initiative the CRI sent an expression of interest that was accepted by the European commission. 

Available also the internal presentation at CRI about the initiative.

FEM Expression of interest Application/pdf - (1.10 MB)
Charter&Code ita Application/pdf - (2.84 MB)
Charter&Code eng Application/pdf - (270.19 kB)
HRS4R presentation at CRI Application/pdf - (1.08 MB)

European Charter for Researchers

The European Charter for Researchers is a set of general principles and requirements which specifies the roles, responsibilities and entitlements of researchers as well as of employers and/or funders of researchers.