Details of the 5 positions in high throughput computational metagenomics and systems biology of natural products - deadline September 30th, 2013

The Research and Innovation Centre at the Fondazione Edmund Mach (CRI-FEM) is a major international research institution with strong and expanding research interests in Fruit Genomics, Quality Health and Nutrition of Agricultural Products, Agro-ecosystems Sustainability, Biodiversity and Molecular Ecology.

CRI-FEM hosts GMPF, an International PhD Program in Genomics and Molecular Physiology of Fruit Crops and Fox-Lab, an international initiative in forest and wood research.

To support interdisciplinary research, CRI-FEM has established the Computational Biology Centre (CBC). The mission of CBC is to develop systems-level integrative approaches connecting genotype to phenotype with a special focus on genome-wide analyses and next generation sequencing technologies
CRI-FEM is seeking to attract 5 high calibre scientists in the areas of high throughput computational metagenomics and systems biology of natural products:

  1. Post doc in Metagenomics screening and characterization of bioactive microbial compounds (130_CRI_MSC);
  2. Post doc in Modeling transcriptional control programs at a genome wide scale (131_CRI_TCP);
  3. Technologist in Purification of plant bioactive molecules from complex matrixes (132_CRI_PBM);
  4. System Administrator Technologist (133_CRI_SA);
  5. Researcher in Methods for algorithmic and integrative genomics for metagenomics (134_CRI_AIG).

For more information on the CBC or informal inquiries on the advertised positions please contact Dr Duccio Cavalieri (e-mail