Research activity
As a technician, my job is to support the group's research activities.


Research interests
Microbiology, Phytopathology, Plant Physiology, Plant Genomics, Agro-industrial Biotechnology.

Curriculum Vitae

2017-2018: Level 1-Master Course “Journalism and Institutional Communication of Science”

2016-2017: Junior Research Scientist at Plants Genetics,  DAFNAE – University of Padua

2013-2016:  M.Sc. on Agro-Food Technologies and Industrial Biotransformations – University of Padua. Thesis title:«Dynamics of the photosystem II supercomplexes in Pisum sativum leaf tissues in response to different light treatments.»

2009-2013: Bachelore’s Degree in Agricultural Biotechnology - University of Padua.  Thesis title :« Characterization of the Fusarium graminearum xylanases role during wheat infection via deletion of the transcription factor Xyr1.»