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Genetics and fruit breeding
In Charge of
Genomics and biology of fruit crops
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Biology and physiology

Research activity

His research activity before joining FEM was mainly dealing with biochemical and cell biology studies to understand essential cell activities such as targeting and translocation of secretory and membrane proteins.  At FEM he contributed to the investigation of the grapevine transcriptome and to characterize the function of genes involved in fruit ripening and plant defense. He participated to the genome  sequencing project of Pinot Noir. His research work led to several scientific papers (ISI-WEB Researcher ID: B-4686-2010) and communications to national and international conferences. He has been supervisor or co-supervisor of ca. 20 thesis.

Research interests

His primary research interest is in grapevine functional genomics, with particular emphasis on understanding the molecular mechanisms behind fruit development, berry metabolism and plant defence using a vast array of molecular biology and biochemistry techniques including in vivoexperiments and bioinformatics support.

Curriculum Vitae

1991: MSc Degree in Biological Sciences from University of Pavia (Italy).

1994-1998: PhD in Biological Sciences from University of Heidelberg (Germany) for work carried out at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. I. Sinning.

1998-1999: Short term EMBO fellowship at the Institute of Biophysics - National Research Council CNR, Trento (Italy).

1999-2001: Post-doc at the Glaxo-Smithkline Research Center of Verona (Italy).

Since 2001 researcher at Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM).