EU Interreg Alpine Space - Sustainable use and management of non native trees in the alpine region


FUNDING: This project is co-financed by the European Union via Interreg Alpine Space


FEM STAFF INVOLVED: Alessandro Gretter , Floriana Marin e Cristina Castellani

TIMEFRAME: 01.10.2019-30.06.2022

ABOUT THE PROJEC: Climate change and human activities represent major threats to the ecosystems in the Alpine Space. Therefore, adaptation efforts are required to respond to the negative effects on the Alpine environment, economy and society. Non-native tree species can support the adaptation of European forests and urban areas to climate change, but simultaneously entail risks for biodiversity and ecosystem functions. Many efforts have already been undertaken to manage these risks, but neither European or national/regional recommendations and strategies for non-native tree species management in the Alpine Space that consider the challenges of climate change yet.
Experiences in the management of non-native tree species in urban areas, peri-urban, rural terreories and forests are often country-/city-specific and thus rarely shared. Given the challenges in non-native tree species management with respect to both benefits and risks, a transnational approach is needed to qualify the role of non-native tree species in future Alpine Space ecosystems.


Interreg Alpine Space