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Research activity

Biocontrol of powdery mildews. Evaluation of the efficacy of microorganisms and some new compounds against grapevine powdery mildew as a first step in the process of selecting new alternatives to chemical fungicides. We study horticultural oils, salts, plant extracts and many potential BCAs such as mycophagus mites, insects, bacteria, epiphytic yeasts and filamentous fungi in powdery mildew control.

Research interests

Innovative research oriented toward the technologies for reducing chemical inputs in agriculture and using low impact plant protection methods. The long-term objective of my activities is to reduce chemical fungicide input on crops. It intends to implement pathogen control methods based on the use of micro-organisms, their metabolites or analogous and/or their integration with other non chemical methods such as cultural ones.

Curriculum Vitae

Bachelor degree “Scienze e Tecnologie Agrarie” at Padova University with a thesis entitled “Efficacy of Benzyladenine as thinning and sizing agent in relation to bloom intensity”. Phd at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich. Phd project “AMPELO” entitled “Opening new frontiers in the plant protection by understanding the molecular language between plant patoghen and its mycoparasite”. Fungicide resistance problems, concerns regarding pesticide residues and revocation of some widely used fungicides have increased research efforts for developing biocontrol agents (BCAs) of the grapevine pathogen powdery mildew. To reduce the use of pesticides, we evaluated some alternatives for controlling this pathogen.