Annual Report 2006

cover Annual Report CRI 2006
ISBN 1972-6082

Anno edizione: 2007

Pagine: 109

Disciplina: Attività  istituzionale

Tipologia di materiale: Periodico

Tradition and innovation, past and future are complementary notions which underlie important choices recently made at Istituto Agrario di san Michele all'Adige (IASMA).
Over the last decade IASMA research activities and initiatives have made significant strides in terms of quantity and quality. Advances made in areas such as oenology, advanced biology and environmental studies have placed San Michele at the forefront of national and international science. To reach this level, we recently organized the research centre so that it could better respond to evolving research needs. In doing so, we attempted to develop the potential of available human resources, while at the same time we adopted state-of-the-art technologies and innovative approaches which make it possible to handle new scientific challenges.

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