De Lucrezia & Cecchi seminar

Mercoledì, 17 Aprile 2019 dalle ore 11:00 alle ore 12:00

Sala Riunioni PRC 2 (6202)

TITLE: Bridging the gap between design and synthesis

SPEAKERS: Davide De Lucrezia, Dario Cecchi (Doulix Srl)

ABSTRACT: Synthetic biology has already revolutionized production paradigms in many different fields. These remarkable achievements have largely been ‘one-offs’ since each one is a special case and though they must be regarded as milestones in the respective field they do not provide a comprehensive and coherent engineering framework. Doulix aims at removing the barriers to the full exploitation of synthetic biology by offering a highly integrated toolkit based on computer aided design (CAD) tools and a comprehensive in vivo characterization of biological parts. We will present the ongoing efforts to the implementation of our web-based platform with a focus on the latest tool developed, the synthesizer.

Nowadays, several DNA assembly technologies are available as optimized reaction mixtures to be used in combination with double-stranded DNA fragments. Scientists are usually asked to follow a set of well defined rules while planning an assembly and carefully design the DNA fragments. Doulix’s synthesizer consistently speeds up research by automatizing these tasks and it gives a strong contribution to synthetic biology by decoupling the design of the DNA construct from the strategy to obtain it. This and other applications of the software will be presented as a tutorial that the audience is welcome to test during the seminar.

HOST: Il seminario è organizzato nell'ambito del ciclo di seminari del Dipartimento di Genomica e Biologia delle piante da Frutto, ma tutti gli interessati sono cordialmente invitati.