prof. Flamoncini's seminar

Martedì, 02 Luglio 2019 dalle ore 10:00 alle ore 11:00

Room 6302 PRC building

TITLE: Dietary Challenges and Metabotype Definition: application of metabolomics for the advance of personalized medicine 

Jarlei Fiamoncini

SPEAKER: Prof Jarlei Fiamoncini is graduated in biology with a PhD in human physiology from University of São Paulo. He has always worked with metabolism and its dietary regulation. He worked as a post-doc at the Technical University of Munich, at the chair of Nutritional Physiology (prof Hannelore Daniel’s group), investigating metabolic adaptations in the post-prandial state as part of the NutriTech project. Between 2016 - 2017, at the INRA Research Centre in Clermont Ferrand, he studied the metabolism of dietary terpenoids using in silico prediction of metabolism and HRMS for the discovery of new metabolites. He is currently working as Assistant Professor at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the University of São Paulo, where his current focus of research are post-prandial metabolic adaptations and their role in health maintenance. He is also interested in the metabolism of phytochemicals and their role in health promotion. 

HOST: Fulvio Mattivi

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