Genomics Platform

prenotazione online dei servizi di sequenziamento


The Sequencing and Genotyping Platform takes part in the research and development activity of the CRI by offering support at the researchers activity and with the development of new methods of experimental investigation. The first purpose of the Platform is the development of new investigative methods, with the acquisition of new knowledge in the green biotechnology field and the continuous improvement of present and future instruments.

platform services

online booking - The activity of direct support of the Platform allows the extension and the achievement of the purposes, which were appointed in the C.R.I staff research projects. This support directly involves the...

platform equipments

online booking - Inside the Sequencing Platform, there are many instruments of the latest generation, both available for quantitative and qualitative analysis. The Platform management of these resources allows their maintenance in a complete efficiency, their correct use and the...

platform facilities & application fields

Three FREEDOM EVO TECAN workstations can automate a diverse range of applications including primary and secondary screening, DNA extraction, amplification set-up, sample dilution, normalization and assay development. Thanks to the 96-capillary 3730xl DNA analyzer and the 16-capillary 3130xl DNA analyzer a wide variety of sequencing and fragment analysis applications including resequencing,...