Alpine Region Preparatory Action Fund - Anticipate Future Jobs on Alpine Remote Areas


FUNDING: Alpine Region Preparatory Action Fund  (ARPAF)

COORDINATOR: Gian Antonio Battistel - Fondazione Edmund Mach - IT

TIMEFRAME: 01.03.2018 - 28.02.2020

DESCRIPTION: ALPJOBS is a two-years pilot project funded by the European Parliament, which has allocated a specific budget in the form of a preparatory action named Alpine Region Preparatory Action Fund (ARPAF).
ARPAF aims to facilitate the implementation of the EU Macroregional Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP ). This Strategy concerns 7 COUNTRIES, of which 5 EU Member States (Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia) and 2 non-EU countries (Liechtenstein and Switzerland), and 48 REGIONS.
The main added value of EUSALP consists  in performing a new relationship between metropolitan, peri-mountain and mountain areas that will boost, with a strong focus on sustainability, the economy and social prosperity of the area. EUSALP would provide an opportunity to improve cross-border cooperation in the Alpine States as well as identifying common goals and implementing them more effectively through transnational collaboration.

MORE INFO: AlpJobs project website