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Research Activity

Lisa achieved her master’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology from University of Parma. She defended her thesis entitled “Deletion of RAG5 gene, encoding the hexokinase, augments the life span of the yeast Kluyveromyces lactis”. She continued with postgraduate studies between the University of Florence and Parma. She defended her Ph.D thesis with the title “Of yeast and men: dissecting the interaction between fungi and immune response”.
Her actual research focuses on connecting diet, food processing, and microbiota, with healthy immune function, by studying how metabolites and their effects on the resident host microbial community could influence healthy function.

Research Interests

  • Host-microorganism interaction
  • Immune system interaction with resident microbiota
  • Effect of microbial metabolites on host immune function and gut microbiota composition and structure
  • Effect of prebiotic and probiotic on immune function
  • Effect of diet and food-derived metabolites on health and disease

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since Feb 2013: Technologist at Fondazione Edmund Mach, San Michele a/A, Italy
  • Jan 2010-Jan 2013: Post-doctoral Fellow at University of Florence, Italy
  • Nov 2006 – Dec 2009: Ph.D. in Industrial Biotechnology, University of Parma. Joint collaboration with University of Florence, Italy, where the main research activity took place. Visiting researcher at NCMLS in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
  • Dec 2005 – Oct 2006: Fellow at University of Parma
  • Oct 2003 – Nov 2005: Master Degree in Industrial Biotechnology
  • Oct 2000 – July 2003: Degree in Biotechnology