N. 2 (two) non-permanent positions for 4th level Researchers (R4) within the Ecosystem for the Innovation I-NEST (topic Smart Agrifood) project (330...

The Fondazione Mach is offering:

  • N. 2 (two) non-permanent positions for 4th level Researchers (R4) within the Ecosystem for the Innovation I-NEST (topic Smart Agrifood) project (330_CRI_I-NEST) - application deadline September 22, 2022.

The project includes the following subprojects:

  • Project 1: Optimization of the biological processes for the energy and agronomic exploitation of organic biomasses and agro-environmental characterization of the products obtained (circular bioeconomy);
  • Project 2: Digitization and automation of agri-food processes.

The selection process aims to generate short lists for each subproject to hire candidates on a non-permanent (contractual) basis.

Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI). Director: Prof. Mario Pezzotti.

* The duration of the contract is limited to the completion of activities pertinent to the specific research project and in any case to the research project itself. Therefore, the start date is negotiable, but the contracts cannot extend beyond the end of the research project.

Mercoledì, 24 Agosto 2022

Requirements necessary for participation:

  • Master’s degree in: biology, agriculture, environmental sciences, environmental engineering, mechatronic / automation / electronic / computer engineering, computer science or equivalent.
  • Knowledge of English, minimum level B1, evaluated during the interview.

Please read the job announcement (call updated on 21.9.2022 according to the “Avviso pubblico per la presentazione di Proposte di intervento per la creazione e il rafforzamento di "ecosistemi dell'innovazione", costruzione di "leader territoriali di R&S" – Ecosistemi dell’Innovazione – nell’ambito del Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza, Missione 4 Istruzione e ricerca – Componente 2 Dalla ricerca all’impresa – Investimento 1.5, finanziato dall’Unione europea – NextGenerationEU”) to understand if you are eligible for the position and to get information about how to apply (document available also at the bottom of the page).

Applications must be received no later than 11:59 pm (the date and time of receipt indicated in the Foundation's e-mail account will be taken as proof) on September 22, 2022.

Applications to participate in the selection must be sent in electronic format to the email address (not certified email address, a.k.a. PEC) curricula@fmach.it , indicating the recruitment code (330_CRI_I-NEST – R4) in the subject of the message and must consist of:

  • the application form (Annex A), as per the model available in Microsoft Word .docx  or Adobe Acrobat .pdf , which must be saved with the file name and extension: Surname First Name_Application.pdf. The application must be completed in full, with no references to other attached documentation and/or information;
  • the candidate’s curriculum vitae, saved with the file name and extension: Surname First Name_CV.doc or .pdf;
  • copy of a valid identity document with photograph.

Any person encountering difficulty in submitting the application due to disability is invited to contact +39 0461 615542.

Candidates admitted to the interview phase will be invited at the Fondazione E. Mach at San Michele all'Adige (TN) or via videoconference on October 10, 2022.

According to Article 13 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR" or "Regulation"), and in general in accordance with the principle of transparency foreseen in the same Regulation, the information regarding the processing of personal data is available in the webpage "Information about the processing of personal data ". 

The recruitment procedure will terminate at the latest by March 22, 2023.

For any matters not covered by this recruitment notice, reference should be made to “Procedure for the recruitment of human resources at the Fondazione Edmund Mach ”.

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