About us

The first One Health Centre in Italy which carry out interdisciplinary research and innovations in the fields of modern and sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition, environment and health, with the aim to generate new sharing knowledge and to contribute to economic growth, social development and the overall improvement of quality of life.


CRI staff data 10 oct 2020

Our mission - We carry out research at an international level, collaborating with institutes and universities from around the world. Our results impact the larger scientific community and the world at large.

Our history - CRI was officially created the 1st January 2009, when the pre-existent FEM Experimental Centre was combined with the Centre of Alpine Ecology. At the beginning CRI was organised into three thematic area (Environment, Agriculture and Nutrition). Since January 2016 CRI had a new organisational structure built upon 16 Research Units, four institutional Departments, one Computational Biology cross-platform, and a research support area.

Our staff - Over 200 co-workers operate within CRI, equally balanced between male and female presence, with an average age of 41 years.






One Health FEM: where agriculture, food and environment are linked together

Our health depends on the environment but the environment depends on us.

The video One Health FEM is a production within a project “I comunicatori STAR della scienza", financed by the Autonomous Province of Trento.