Tobias Weil

Microbial Ecology

I’m interested in the exploration and evaluation of microscopic organisms for sustainable utilization in agriculture, industry and medicine as well as their relevance to ecosystem functions and services. This covers the ecology of microorganisms in both natural and engineered environments. Using molecular biology and multi-omics approaches I try to understand microbial interactions and processes in diverse environments (e.g. soil and cryosphere), insects and disease and those underlying novel green technologies.


  • Ecological theory to understand microbiome stability and the evolution of cooperation
  • Harnessing Host-Pathogen-Microbiota interactions for sustainable disease management
  • Invasive species: risks and opportunities
  • Microbiota of extreme environments
  • Microorganisms as effective and sustainable resources to produce green energy and biofertilizer
  • Novel antimicrobial agents from natural sources
  • Antimicrobial resistance in the food chain and natural environment

Curriculum Vitae

since 2016 senior researcher, Department of Food Quality and Nutrition, FEM, Italy

2013-2016 post-doctoral research fellow, Department of Computational Biology, FEM, Italy

2009-2013 post-doctoral research fellow, RNA Biology Laboratory, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) and MSc. (Dipl. Biol. Univ.) in Biology, University of Regensburg, Germany